Friday, May 30, 2008


LAZY! dunno why, i'm not in mood today.. all works pending in the tray since this morning except 1 TNB bill to send to Account Dept. the rest; your turn will come on next week monday. my boss went to Subang & Selayang site this morning, give me a time to finish my Bejeweled2 (my favourite game). but then my pc not cooperated and spoiled my mood to reach my target 100,000 point within 15 minutes. what the hell....???

well, now i'm updating blog and sometime pretending like i'm too busy finish a letter to send to our consultant. my boss is in the meeting; chance for me to continue playing game. what else to do? looking for a new job? so boring..... download new song? too many inside my pc. i was thinking to clear all and search for new fresh song. maybe nasyid that i'm totally forgot since i work here. or, ym; that my routine duty lately.

outside is raining, heavy rain. now 3.45pm and i feel so stupid infront this pc, just to pretending that i doing my work and all will finish on time. that's what my QS doing; try to finish her outstanding claim that i think it is impossible!!! hahahaha.. just put down your pen and play game like me; i told her. huhuhuhu... she just smile and continue her work. up to you then.

my clerk here also busy do her filing. i really dunno why everybody is busy doing their job? today is friday! it's supposed to be a day to rest and just think that tomorrow is not working. and today we supposed to create a mood for holiday.. OR i'm the one who is lazy doing my work because everyone in this company get their increment but our dept still KIV by my MD and now he is somewhere in Singapore for school holiday!!!!

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:: DUni@ @kU :: ** Di sini tempatnya kucurahkan rasa **

Di sini, di kesempatan ini, aku lontarkan rasa hati, aku luahkan segala keluhan, keriangan, suka duka, gelak tawa.. dalam jurnal kehidupanku ini, aku sertakan foto kenangan, moga satu hari nanti tatkala kesunyian melanda, rentetan peristiwa2 ini bisa mengembalikan tawa dan air mata. Dan juga bila nanti mata tertutup, ada kenangan untuk ditonton..